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AfricaHouse International

Happy New Year 2024

Enjoy this Winter Solstice going on now through March.

The perfect time to Renew Reflect Reassess Goals and Objectives Join me as I host Healing through the Arts Every 1st Friday at the BrownHoist Building from 3 00 to 5 30 4403 St Clair Avenue Cleveland Ohio 44103 Live from Africa House

Get ready for the spring Vernal Equinox

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Happy Children

Where the world is our classroom!

AHI: An Environmental stewardship organization dedicated to promoting S.T.E.A.M. through Arts & Culture, Education, Health & Wellness.

Our Planet our Health * Designing Green Space

Afterschool classes and activity for youth. Ideal for home schoolers, group homes and individuals with special needs. For more information call Ms. AkuSika Nkomomackey at 216 376-7206

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About Africa House


AfricaHouse International is community based Learning Center dedicated to keep the legacy of Dr. Willie R. Mackey alive using a holistic perspective of environmental stewardship education that focus on: Arts & Culture, Solar and other renewable energies technology, and provide Health & Wellness workshops and seminars Northeast Ohio and Abroad.

AfricaHouse International is a grassroots, environmental stewardship organization dedicated to promoting S.T.E.A.M. through Arts & Culture, Outdoor education & Prevention programs thoughout Northeast Ohio and abroad.


Create partnerships with similar non profits who are dedicated to "Youth at Risk"

and relocate to a larger facility as an independant school.

See AHI: Learning & Resources, on last page.


  • To eradicate racism and poverty through education, collaborations and team building.
  • Build community through the Arts, Agriculture and Prevention programming.
  • Expand African Solar Village Green Project (ASVGP) outdoor education programs to incorporate clearly S.T.E.A.M. concepts.
  • Support, mentor, and encourage entrepreneurship.
  • Create training and job opportunities for young adults looking to learn skills and in need of work.
  • Build a bridge for students and artists who want to come to the USA and work
  • To inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs who chose to become Scientist, Technologist, Engineers, Artists, Mathematicians

Bring people and organizations together who are working to strengthen inner city communities, families, and "youth at risk"

AfricaHouse International 501c3 is an inclusive organization regardless of race, ability, and religious beliefs

We are a membership based organization.

Dr. Willie R. Mackey's Bio

D.O.B. May 15th. 1953 D.O.D. August 6, 2004

Recipient of NASA Administrative's Fellowship Program Award in 2003

Recipient of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Equality Recognition Award, NASA 2003

Ph.D. from MIT Astrophysics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1981.

B.A. from Oberlin College, Physics, Mathematics with a concentration in African American Student

and Community Development, 1976.

Founder of Modern Africa Tama Tama an Arts, Science education performance company.

Creator of the African Solar Village Outreach program. (ASVOP) Now ASV Green Project

Developed an international African Guest Artist program that is currently active today.

Co-Founded Africa House, aka The Art House on the East Side in the Hough neighborhood, that provided

counseling, housing, and employment opportunities for guest artists along with an Arts & Culture program

for the community and surrounding areas.

Author/ Publications:

Solar Arrays Sails: Possible Space Plasma Environmental Effects.

SPRAT XV1 1999 NASA/CP-2001-210747

Preliminary Chaotic Model of Snapover on High Voltage Solar Cells.

SPRAT X1V, 1995 NASA CP10180, P.226

The Light of Supernovae Outburst 1V. Lowered Energy for the Echo Model.

Astrophysical Journal, vol. 315, 4/87.

Founder/Publisher: PotoLo Journal Mathematics, Science and Performing

African Dance Technique

Founder/Director: Institute of Rational Analysis, Roxbury MA 1977-83

Founder/Coordinator: Cooper Community Science Center

Founder/Director: McNair-Diop Astrophysical Institute,, Inc. Cincinnati, Ohio. 1986

AkuSika Nkomomackey

AkuSika, a native Clevelander has been a social entrepreneur all her adult life.

Currently interim Executive Director of AfricaHouse International, 501c3

Proprietor & Co-Founder of Africa House an Art House in the Hough community, of Cleveland, Ohio, offering long and short term housing, consulting, and programs for artists and "youth at risk".

AkuSika is a Wellness Consultant, She promotes and leads workshops in Dance as Therapy and host Sacred Healing dance workshops in her studio. She is also a Swim Instructor and Certified Yoga professional.

MA. Diversity Management / Psychology Department at Cleveland State University.2001 from Rutgers University: Dance, Physical Education & Health 1982.

AkuSika has studied and performed West African Dance in the USA and Africa. She has worked at Tri-C Community Colleges and CSU as an adjunct professor of dance and Studied Dance/Movement Therapy at Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois.

As founder of the African Solar Village Green Project (ASVGP) a summer Arts & Garden program, inspired by Dr. Mackey's African Solar Village Outreach Project (ASVOP) employs “at risk youth’ ages 14-22.

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Dr. Willie R. Mackey "Traditional education prepares students to go to college to get a job. S.T.E.A.M. education inspires and prepares students to create a world!

"Use what's around you to make your world more beautiful":

African Proverb

We are environmental stewards!

Environmental Justice

What is the Green Movement


Environmental Sciences

It is a diverse scientific, social, conservation, and political movement that broadly addresses the concerns of the environment. Bright Green Environmentalism is based on the idea that new technologies and social innovation can provide the most success toward a sustainable healthier future.

The fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of age, race, national origin, or income, with respect to the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws regulations and polices.

An interdisciplinary academic field that integrates physics, biology, geography, ecology, chemistry, plant science, soil science, atmospheric science, etc. to the study of the environment, and the solutions to environmental problems.

To Dr. Mackey, there was only S.T.E.A.M. Inspired by the Dogon, of West Africa at an early age, his love of science grew into a love of Math, Physics, Dance, Theater and the use of Voice.

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Happy Children


African Solar Village Outreach Project

inspired by Dr. Mackey and dedicated to the life of Olajuwon Hakeem Nkomo to support “Youth at Risk.”

Dr. Mackey created a traditional African village setting and used that platform to educate audiences about solar and other Renewable energy technologies, along with math keys and real life applications of physics for practicality and clarity.

African Solar Village Green Project A.S.V.G.P.

Today the ASVGP is a summer employment youth empowerment

program for teenagers 14-19 that promotes S.T.E.A.M.



Engineering & Entrepreneurship

Arts & Agriculture


Applications accepted now for consideration into summer work at Africa House.

Link to application

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Africa Solar Village Green Team

Neighborhood teens

working and learning

Environmental stewardship,

Environmental sciences,

and so much more.

Space is Limited go to link and fill out application now.

Create option for yourself by planning now want you want your summer 2024 to

look like.

Happy Children

AfricaHouse International

Raising Childrens' Awareness (RCA)

An Environmental Stewardship programs for children under 14

Next 1 to 4 week session has not been set. For more info. call Ms. Nafeesah Walker .

We won! Best design in solar sprint.

What a fun Science party.

Sears Thinkbox @ CWRU is our technology home



Mission: Build community, sustain our arts & culture and learn about Africa through the arts.

AHI: Arts & Culture

Mission: Build community, sustain our Arts & Culture and learn about Africa through the Arts.

Akomapa Dance & Culture

Orphanage in Accra at Art Center

Welcome Kenga Kenga from

Kenya back to Africa House Cleveland

AHI: Arts & Culture

Mission: Build community, sustain our Arts & Culture and learn about Africa through the arts.

Africa Drum & Dance class Tuesdays & Thursday

6:00 - 7:00 @ Africa House Cleveland

Africa Dance * Africa Drum *

4 week T, R sessions * $40 members Single class * $12.00

Monday: Men's drum workshop and discussion on varies topics.

Tuesday & Thursday; Community class 6:00 - 7:00

Wednesday: Children Afterschool

Call Assane or sign up online

216 376-7206.

Free Friday Community Class at Thurgood Marshall, all are welcome to this free class.

Support our membership campaign see link

AHI: Arts & Culture

Steppin & Ballroom

2nd, 3rd. and 4th. Friday

5:00 - 6:00 & 6:00 - 700

Instructor: Mr. Duane Johnson

members 4 weeks session $40.00

non members

Cotillion, Private classes available

AHI: Education

Grassroots * * * Environmental Stewardship * * * S.T.E.A.M. focused.

African Solar Village Green Project (ASVGP

Raising Children's Awareness (RCA)


Solar Garden; Dye Garden; Gourd patch, Welcome center garden; vegetable garden; Healing Rock Garden; Shadegardens; Herb garden & Memorial garden.

Learn to speak an African Lanuage

Learn to speak Wolof

Learn to speak Ashanta

Learn to speak Ki Swahili


  • Osman Senegal
  • Michael Jambo; Nigeria
  • Manni : Tazania

Learn online and with your own private instuctor.

All pictures taken by students in Africa House Learning Gardens

Woman Standing Beside Yellow Paint Wall

Monthly Health Talk:

  • ACE,s report / Interviews.
  • Mindfulness & Yoga
  • Swimming Lessons
  • Sacred Healing Dance

Mission: To promote and provide communitities with access to mental, physical, and spiritual approaches to wholistic self-care practices.

AHI: Health & Wellness

Get ready and join us for The Vernal Equinox Fast

Cleansing, Purification & Detoxification Feb. 18th. - April 11th.

Kemetic YOGA stretch

T,R, & Sunday morning

9>00 to 10:00 for members only

Become a member

Small groups and private classes available by appointment only.

For more information 216 376-7206

AHI: Learning & Resources

  • Refugees support
  • Immigration
  • Passport

Learn to speak an African Lanuage

  • Learn to speak Wolof

Learn to speak Ki Swahili

Learn to speak Ashanta


  • Osman Senegal
  • Michael Jambo; Nigeria
  • Manni : Tanzania

AHI: Relief & Development projects

ex. www.HelpingHands relief & development project.

  • Exchange Program

facilitate not only artists but intellectuals to hold positions in AHI and USA.

Match Makers project

coming soon prospective singles here in the USA with Africans on the continent.

  • Tours to Africa


Sierra Leone





For more details call AkuSika at 216 376-7206

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Africa House Enterprise




Boutique Afrique

Shop online coming soon!



GG's Plant Nursery

flowers, flats & family vibes.

Hours may change

Monday through Friday 9:00 - 1:00




Key rings & more!

( store open during class time, see schedule)

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Schedule of Events

Winter solstice January,

February: Black History Month: GG’S GREENHOUSE

March: Community presentation

Community Wide Talent show and

competition announcement.

Spring Open house and building campaign

April: Prep for A.S.V.G.P.

May 21st. An Evening in Africa Gala

Summer Youth Program


July: 3 day

Harvest Fest tbd


FALL Kwanzaa prep area schools

  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December
  • January

AfricaHouse International