AfricaHouse International inspired by Dr. Willie R. Mackey, is an inclusive non-profit organization that includes everyone regardless of race, ability and religious beliefs.

Africa House International is a community-based learning center established to keep the legacy of Dr. Willie R. Mackey alive by providing a holistic approach to Environmental Stewardship through Arts & Culture, S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) and provide Health & Wellness workshop, seminars and programs domestic and abroad.

Africa House was founded by Dr. Willie R. Mackey and his wife AkuSika Nkomo Mackey as an Art House in 1996. Located in the heart of midtown corridor an area often referred to as the Hood. The name Africa House gained popularity in the early 2000 due to the influx of talented artist working and residing in the apartments.

The Mackey’s saw a need for inner-city children, youth and people in general to be able to engage in programs within walking distance of where they lived. Dr. and Mrs. Mackey became community advocates and positive change agents by establishing the Art House, today grassroots Learning Center and home of Africa House Learning Gardens.

AfricaHouse International is an inclusive non-profit organization. This includes anyone regardless of race, ability, and religious beliefs.

  • To eradicate racism and poverty through education, and collaboration with the community development corporation and text.
  • Expand our African Solar Village Green Project (ASVGP) outdoor education to incorporate S.T.E.A.M.
  • Create Jobs for residents in the inner city
  • Build community through the Arts, Agriculture and Prevention programming
  • To inspire the next generation of Scientists, Technologist, engineers, entrepreneurs, artists, and mathematicians. 

Bring people and organizations together who are working to strengthen inner city communities, families and “youth at risk”.

We are a membership based organization.


AkuSika Nkomo Mackey, Co-Founder / Queen
Ephraim Abdullah, Board Chair
El Anee Barclay Jones, Vice President
Jessica M. Brown, Board Secretary


AkuSika Nkomo Mackey, Executive Director
Rashaba Abd-Fatir, Program Director Health & Wellness
Nafeesah Walker. Director of Education
Anaya Salahu-Din, Executive Assistant
Ayana Walker, Marketing and Sales Manager
Kasey Butler, Volunteer Coordinator